At Kroop's, we recognize that your passion for equestrian life demands eyewear as versatile and dedicated as you. It's why we've crafted our sunglasses with detachable temple pads - a feature meticulously designed for comfort, style, and practicality. These pads ensure an unyielding grip as you trot, gallop, or simply revel in the company of your equine companion, offering unmatched visual clarity in every scenario.

But we also understand your unique needs might call for a pad-free experience at times. Whether you favor the casual charm of sunglasses cords, or your lengthy hair often finds itself tangled in the pads, our sunglasses offer the flexibility to effortlessly remove and reattach these pads as needed.

Removing the pads is a breeze. Simply hold the end of the temple bar and push the pad through using a blunt object such as a pen or tiny screwdriver until they fall out the other side.

Reattaching the pads is just as easy. Position them over the hole on the templebar and using a small screwdriver, push each side through the hole until they are firmly in place.

With Kroop's, every detail is thoughtfully designed with you and your equine journey in mind. We've stood by you through the early stable mornings and the late ranch nights, and now we offer you the ability to customize your sunglasses to suit your preferences. Just as every horse is unique, so are you, and your eyewear should reflect that. Ride on, knowing your eyewear is as adaptable as you are.