Hall of Fame Jockey - Mike Smith

Amazing Athlete and all around great guy, Hall of Fame Jockey Mike Smith is one of the very rare few to win horse racing's elusive triple crown. 

I’ve known Mike for a little over 10 years now and I can tell you he’s without question the most easy going professional athlete I’ve ever dealt with. Unlike most pro athletes who have reached his level of success, Mike expects nothing and asks nothing be given to him. He’s always willing to help and never says no when I ask a favor.  Mike has been riding Kroop’s his entire career (except for the momentary lapse of judgment he had as a young jock but we won’t hold that against him). 

If you’ve ever thought for one second that jockeys aren’t serious athletes or that it’s impossible to be in great physical shape after 50, I’d suggest you take one look at Mike. At age 54, Mike could easily out lift someone twice his size and half his age. He looks now like I wanted to look when I was 25. Mike spends on average two hours a day working out which probably explains why he looks and feels the way he does. I’d sign up for the Mike Smith workout program if I wasn’t worried about having a heart attack during a workout. 

Mike is at the top of his career and only getting better. Unlike most jockeys who beg for mounts in major races like the Kentucky Derby or Preakness, Mike is more or less guaranteed one.  In 2018 aboard Justify, Mike joined a very elite group of jockeys who can say they’ve won the Triple Crown. 

Born in Roswell, New Mexico he began riding at the age of 11. He won his first race at age 16. Since then he’s gone on to win over 5600 more races and earn nearly $350 million. He was inducted into the horse racing hall of fame in 2003.  He has more Breeder’s Cup wins than any other jockey in history. 

Mike says he plans to ride for at least a few more years. We hope he does because we love having him ride the K to victory. Seeing our goggles in the winners circle on such a great guy never gets old. Good Luck, Mike! 

 Andrew Tremblay 


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