AeroSuperbatics - Wing Walkers

About 11 years ago I noticed we were shipping goggles to tiny airfield 2 hours west of London. Now this isn't particularly unusually considering we've been shipping to airfields around the world for skydiving for more than 50 years. What stuck out to me was the name, AeroSuperBatics. The name sounded very cool and very unusual. I googled them to see what came up and wow, I was blown away - wingwalkers! I'd heard of wingwalking but I'd never really seen it. I contacted the them to ask what they were doing with the goggles. They responded right back and were incredibly nice. They sent us all kinds of photos, videos,... of them wearing our goggles while riding on top of these vintage bi-planes. If you've followed us you've probably seen some of the footage we've posted on our site and social media. 

It turns out the UK based  AeroSuperBatics have been around since 1984 and in that time have had a number of world famous airshow teams including the Crunchie Flying Circus, The Utterly Butterly’s, Guinot Wingwalkers and the Breitling Wingwalkers.  They travel and put on events throughout Europe, Middle East, China, Japan, India, Australia and the Philippines. 

We have since started sponsoring these amazing ladies and their trusted pilots. The photos and videos we get in return are incredible and worth every dollar we spend on the sponsorship.  Below is a great endorsement from them on the effectiveness of our ventless goggles for wind. Thanks Kirsten!

If you're ever in the UK, you can head to Gloucestershire and they will take you for a ride on top of the plane for a few hundred quid!   

 Andrew Tremblay

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