The Best Type of Sunglasses for Round Faces

The Best Type of Sunglasses for Round Faces


What are the factors that you usually consider before buying sunglasses? For some people, things such as price, lens type, brand, and durability matter. Considering all these, there is the last question that you need to ask before purchasing a pair of sunglasses that fit the bill: How will it look on me? 

For both men and women with round faces, one of the major challenges when shopping for sunglasses is finding a pair that would provide adequate protection from the sun and the elements while being proportionate with the shape of their faces. 

If you’re one of them and you’re still having trouble deciding on the best sunglasses for your round face, read on.

How to Know If You Have a Round Shaped Face


A vector illustration of a man with a round-shaped face (left) and best sunglasses frame (right)

The Best Sunglasses for Round Faces

 Like deciding on a hairstyle, knowing the correct frame type that is appropriate for your round-shaped face is essential. Let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than buying a new pair of sunglasses only to realize later on that it looks unflattering on you. 

That being said, how do you know if you have a round face? Here are the most distinguishing features: 

  • Full cheeks
  • Soft, contoured features with width and height approximately the same from jaw to forehead
  • Rounded chin and jawline
  • Cheekbones are the widest and the most prominent part of the face

Round-shaped faces are easy to identify because of the lack of angles and the curved, soft features.

The Best Sunglasses for Men with Round Faces

The general rule of thumb when buying sunglasses for males with round faces is that you should opt for sunglasses that have square and sharp edges in order to balance out the roundness of your face. While this is not a hard-fast rule, it’s always nice to keep this in mind. 

If you’re not sure where to start, below are the best types of sunglasses for your face shape. 

Browline Sunglasses

Browline sunglasses or more popularly known as ‘clubmasters’ have a distinctive look because of their thick upper rim that accentuates the browline. The retro style of browline sunglasses is versatile and can go with both casual and formal attire.

Kroop’s Formidable Route browline sunglasses in brown frame and grey lens base color

Rectangular and Square 

Rectangular and square glasses have sharp angles that perfectly balance the soft, contoured features of men with round faces. The angular frames enhance your angles while making your face appear longer and thinner. 

Kroop’s Absolute Zero sunglasses in grey frame and blue lens

D-Frame Sunglasses

D-Frame sunglasses are one of the most popular types of sunglasses largely due to their versatility and timelessness. D-Frames don’t only look good on people with round faces, but they can be flattering for other face shapes. To know if you’re buying D-Frames sunglasses, tilt them at a 90-degree angle. The overall shape of the lens should resemble the letter “D”.

Kroop’s Face Plant D-Frame Sunglasses in blue-grey frame color and red-orange lens mirror

The Best Sunglasses for Women with Round Faces

D-Frames, browline sunglasses, rectangular, and square sunglasses can also work for females with round faces. As there is a myriad of styles to choose from, you can always find the best pair that will not only flatter your face shape but will also fit your style and personality. However, there are also certain types of sunglasses frames that look best on round-shaped face women.

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses, especially when worn right, provide you with an air of mystery and unmistakable sophistication. However, it can be a bold and sometimes risky choice for women with round faces. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t pull it off. Look for cat-eye and wide frames as these extend beyond the edges of the face, making it perfectly balanced with the roundness of your features.

Navigators, although more masculine in profile, can also be an excellent choice. These types of sunglasses give you a squarer silhouette.

Kroop’s Hero Dirt oversized sunglasses in brown frame color and bronze lens mirror

What Frames to Avoid

Generally, you would want to steer clear of overly rounded frames to avoid emphasizing unflattering angles. The key when buying sunglasses when you have a round face is to look for contrast. Frames to avoid include:

Small Frames

Avoid choosing sunglasses that have small frames. Doing so can exaggerate your full cheeks and other features that you’re trying to conceal. Rimless frames, although trendy and more subtle, will have the same effect and are more suited for people with delicate features.

Oval and Circle Frames

As opposed to rectangular and square sunglasses that feature sharp angles to give a longer and thinner effect, oval and circle frames give more emphasis on full cheeks. 

Final Thoughts

Sunglasses, nowadays, have become more than just eye protection. With different styles and colors to choose from, they have become a staple when it comes to making a fashion statement. But regardless of whether you’re doing it for fashion or functionality purposes, one thing is for sure: your sunglasses should flatter your face. 

If you have a round-shaped face, keep in mind to choose sunglasses that will provide balance and contrast to your soft, rounded features. Avoid small, circle, and oval frames that will only exaggerate the width of your face. While this is not a rule that’s set in stone, it’s a good starting point. Feel free to try on as many different pairs as you’d like until you find the one that will look the most flattering to you.

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