Caring For Your Sunglasses and Keeping Them in Pristine Condition

How to Take Care of Your Sunglasses

Picture this: you bought a new pair of sunglasses that you absolutely love. You try to wear them every chance you get - whether it’s at the beach or while running a quick errand outside. And then after wearing your trusted pair for quite some time, you notice the slight wear and tear from everyday use. 

Does that mean that you should part with your favorite sunglasses and buy a new pair? The good news is that you don’t have to. With these easy tips, you’ll be sure that your favorite pair of sunglasses will always look good as new - even for a long time. 

How to Clean Your Sunglasses

When you’re wearing sunglasses, you are not only shielding your eyes from the sun but also repelling dirt, dust, debris, and other elements that could get in your eyes. Because of this, the lenses on your sunglasses can get dirty and oily from all that exposure. And of course, it only makes sense to clean them. 

Although cleaning your sunglasses might sound simple given that you don’t really need any detailed instructions on how to do it, you’ll be surprised to know that there are actually right and wrong ways to clean them. Here are some tips:

1. Use a Microfiber Cloth to Clean Your Lenses

When you’re on the go, you might be tempted to clean off the lenses of your sunglasses using your shirttail. Yes, it is the easy route - but it can actually do more harm than good in the long run. Your shirt has tiny fibers in the fabric that can permanently scratch the lenses. 

The same thing happens when you clean your sunglasses using paper towels, napkins, or tissues. Paper towels and similar products are made of wood pulp, and they have abrasive qualities that don’t only leave scratches on your lenses but also leave them with lint.

Always make it a point to have a microfiber cloth with you every time you’re taking off your sunglasses to give them a good cleaning. Make sure to always wash your microfiber cloth regularly and avoid using fabric softeners when doing so. If you’re after convenience, you can always buy a pouch that can also double as a cleaning tool. 

Our microfiber bag, for example, lets you store your sunglasses and goggles safely in your pack without having to worry about dirt and scratches. And if you want to clean the lenses of your sunglasses, you don’t need to worry about bringing a pack of microfiber cleaning cloth because this bag already acts just like that.

3. Keep Optical Wipes Handy

When we’re dealing with extreme weather, your lenses will fog - and that could ruin the experience. As an alternative to microfiber cloth, you can also try bringing a pack of optical wipes with you. These are great if you want to clean your sunglasses without the hassle because they work quickly on removing the dirt, grime, and residue on your lenses.

To keep fogging at bay and keep your vision crystal clear while you’re on the go, anti-fog wipes are the best solution. Our anti-fog wipes have a higher quality solution than others so you can effectively eliminate those annoying foggy lenses. Plus, they’re also very quick and easy to use. These wipes work well on both glass and plastic lenses, and they are wrapped individually for convenience. For optimal results, make sure to clean your lenses thoroughly before using them.

Preserving Your Sunglasses

Keeping your sunglasses in tip-top shape requires more than just cleaning your sunglasses. For you to truly preserve your sunglasses and wear them as if they’re straight out of the packaging, you need to do some extra measures in making sure that they’re well taken care of. 

1. Wear Your Sunglasses Properly

When you want to take off your sunglasses for a quick moment, putting them over your head or hanging them on your shirt might be the most practical solution. In fact, doing these things might come naturally to you or to some people.

But the thing is, you may not realize that you’re damaging your sunglasses as a result of these habits. When you put your sunglasses on your head, you’ll risk smearing your lenses or in some cases, damaging them. 

It’s because the products that we use on our hair such as our shampoos, conditioners, dyes, etc. contain chemicals that can affect the specialized coatings on your lenses. Also, if you wear your sunglasses on your head for too long, the frames can stretch which can cause deformation. 

Hanging your sunglasses on your shirt can also pose another problem, especially when you’re constantly on the go. They may fall off on the floor that can potentially result in hairline scratches on the lenses. If you really need to take off your sunglasses for a minute or two, consider securing them with a tether cord. It keeps your sunglasses safe and secure. Tether cords also keep the sunglasses’ arms open so you can conveniently put them on or take them off anytime.

2. Store Your Sunglasses the Right Way

If you have amassed quite an impressive pair of sunglasses in your collection, it’s easy to end up with a messy, disorganized drawer. And with that, your sunglasses can break or get scratched even before you decide to wear them for the first time. 

To ensure that your sunglasses will always be in pristine condition even in storage, you would want to keep them organized so that they’ll be safer. Here are some ways to do this: 

  • Buy a case for sunglasses. Cases made from wood or acrylic are now widely available in the market. Store your favorite pairs on the top of your dresser and put away those that you don’t use often in your closet.

  • Use acrylic trays. If you have a drawer just for your sunglasses, consider using acrylic trays. Choose the ones with rectangular sections to fit your sunglasses. 

  • Use over-the-door shoe organizers. Tucking your sunglasses into a shoe organizer is an inexpensive way to store them while being accessible.

    Of course, there are other creative and budget-friendly ways to store your sunglasses. The important thing here is that you are organizing them in a way that will preserve their lenses and frames while doing a method that works best for you. 

    3. Avoid Scratches

    When you’re in a hurry, you might simply drop your sunglasses in your bag or just shove them in your pocket. After all, when you’re pressed for time, aren’t those the easiest things to do? From a logical standpoint, that’s true. But when it comes to taking care of your sunglasses, doing these things are actually big no-nos. 

    When putting your sunglasses in your bags, either store them using a hard case or in a microfiber pouch. That way, you won’t have to worry about the abrasive objects in your bag such as your keys or pen scratching your lenses. 

    But if the damage has already been done, it might be a good idea to get replacement lenses that are compatible with your sunglasses. They don’t only give you the option to replace those unsightly scratches, but they’re also a good way to breathe new life into your favorite pair by giving them a whole new look.

    Kroop's Replacement Lenses
    Here at Kroop’s, we provide replacement lenses that are compatible with your Kroop’s-branded sunglasses.

    4. Never Leave Sunglasses in the Car

    The dashboard in our car is where most of the heat accumulates. Because of this, it’s not a good idea to leave your sunglasses inside your car - especially when the weather is too hot, particularly in the summer season. The extreme heat can cause the anti-reflective coatings on your lenses to degrade. So before you park your vehicle, be sure to take your sunglasses with you. 

    Final Thoughts

    Sunglasses do a great job of keeping your eyes protected from the sun and from the elements that can affect your vision. Unfortunately, they’re also one of our most used and abused accessories when we’re out and about. Perhaps, it’s time to reciprocate the protection that our sunglasses give us by showing the extra love that they deserve.

    By ensuring that your sunglasses are always kept cleaned the right way and stored properly, you are extending their life and in the process, you are also saving money because you don’t have to purchase a new pair frequently. Think about it: how cool would it be if you get to go on new, epic adventures with your favorite sunglasses in tow? 


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