These ultra-lightweight goggles are the same as our Boogie but without holes. The high clarity flexible lens and a soft vinyl edge easily flex to any face size.  It's the perfect goggle to protect against Sand, Dust, Pollen, and other airborne eye irritants. Use it for Yard Work, Burning Man, or even The Color Run. Although no vents are added, our manufacturing process uses eyelets that have tiny 0.07" holes.

Please note, these goggles are not designed to protect against flying objects such as rocks and paintballs. 

Made in North Carolina

Please read the disclaimer below before purchasing.


DISCLAIMER:  We understand that individuals and organizations are using our ventless goggles for more than their intended use. We are happy to support the community but we can not make any guarantees that this product will keep you completely safe. Our ventless goggles block most air from getting in but they are not 100% sealed. There are eyelets with miniature 0.07” holes in the corners as well as a slot cut for the head strap. Some customers have suggested using putty or hot glue to fill in these holes if you would like a better seal. We just wanted to be forward and honest about our product to make sure you are fully informed before making a purchase.

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