Adjustable Face Shield

Protect your eyes and face from splash, droplets, and airborne debris. The heavy-duty headband is adjustable to provide further levels of comfort and fit. We  include anti-fog to keep your vision crystal clear.


Made in North Carolina



Product Features

  • Extra layer of protection for your face against splash, droplets, and particles in the air.
  • Combined with our included Anti-Fog will keep your vision crystal-clear.
  • Heavy weight adjustable elastic straps and soft two-layer foam for comfort.
  • Holes for optional neck strap. 
  • Made in the USA with Ultra Clear flexible plastic. 


DISCLAIMER:  We wanted to try to help provide for the medical community during the health crisis. We can not make any guarantees that this product will keep you completely safe. Our face shield is being provided to offer an additional barrier for spray, fluids, etc. as an extra layer of protection. Other PPE (personal protective equipment) such as face masks/respirators should be worn with the shield. The shield is not fully sealable and will not protect against all elements.