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Why Choose Kroop's for Your Store?

Higher Profit Margins

Maximize your profits with Kroop's Sunglasses. Enjoy the potential for impressive profit margins of up to 70%, placing you significantly ahead in the retail game. Each sale translates into considerable revenue

Risk-Free Style Swapping

Embrace variety with minimal risk. With Kroop's, you have the flexibility to swap out styles that aren't resonating with your customers for ones that might. This gives you the advantage of testing different styles, helping you identify what works best for your customer base.

Attractive, Eye-Catching Packaging

Carefully designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your store, our packaging doubles as a selling point. It's more than just a box; it's a visual sales pitch for every potential customer that walks in.

Dual-Purpose Display Box

Efficiency meets marketing with our dual-purpose display boxes. Each box elegantly folds out to a POS display, letting your customers touch, feel, and fall in love with our sunglasses. No extra space required, just a seamless blend of packaging and presentation.

Equestrian-Related POS Display

Create a unique shopping experience with our equestrian-themed POS display, designed to bring the spirit of riding into your store. Resembling a horse jump fence, this immersive display will captivate your customers, drawing them closer to our eyewear.

Signage and Banners for In-Store Promotion

Enhance your business with our complimentary promotional materials. Stylish banners and signage designed to make your store stand out, enhancing your ambiance while subtly persuading customers to try Kroop's sunglasses. It's decor with a purpose, and it's on us.

Inclusion in Our Online Store Locator

As part of the Kroop's family, you'll be included in our store locator coming soon. This boosts your visibility, directs our online customers to your physical store, and drives increased foot traffic. Expand your reach with every pair of Kroop's sunglasses you sell.

Established Brand with a Rich History

Partner with Kroop's – a brand steeped in equestrian history since 1947. We aren't just selling sunglasses; we're offering a legacy of quality, innovation, and style that resonates with horse lovers. When you stock Kroop's, you stock a story that sells.

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