Absolute Zero 305
Absolute Zero 305
Absolute Zero 305
Absolute Zero 305
Absolute Zero 305
Absolute Zero 305

Absolute Zero 305

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Made in North Carolina
All of our eyewear is designed and manufactured in the USA. We take pride in building everything in-house and none of our eyewear is mass-produced in a factory a world away. With less disconnect, we are able to have better quality control from the very start of production.

Lifetime Warranty
Our sunglasses are built tough, especially those made with our Kryptonite frames. Sometimes that durability can be pushed to the limit. In case something does happen, we stand by our sunglasses. If you find a way to break them, we will fix them regardless of the reason.

Almost Weightless
With a 75 year history in horse racing, our product focus has always centered around weight and the lack thereof. You can go faster and further the lighter you are. The products we make were designed to shave every possible gram and our sunglasses are no exception.

Built for Performance
Equipped with high clarity lenses that are scratch-resistant and shatter-proof. Soft non-slip pads on the temple bars and nose give a secure fit that will resist slipping from rain, sweat, or water sports. An optional tether cord can be attached by easily removing the temple pads.

  • Frame Size: 58-17-142
  • Frame Material: Bioplastic
  • Frame Color: 8107 Trans. Grey
  • Accent Color: Blue
  • Lens Material: Tritan Copolyester (BPA Free)
  • Lens Light Transmission: ~15%
  • Lens Light Conditions: Medium to Bright Light
  • Lens Base Color: Grey
  • Lens Mirror: Blue
  • Lens Features: Non-Polarized

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